Monday, 2 February 2015

Crafternoon with my Nieces!

Hi all,

Just stopping in with a quick little post today- i will be back with some more later on in the week I promise, but I just wanted to share the results of a little crafty day Ihad with my nieces. All three of them are super talented crafters in their ideas and creativity, and yes- some of these cards were made with lots of supervision by me, and some were done completely by them!

So without further ado, here are some cards made by Miss Leah, who is 11.  Aren't they beautiful! Well done Leah for taking on that inlaid die cut technique and creating that orange and black beauty! And how about the inking huh?  She also created the stamped background on the blue and pink card.

 These are by Divya, who is 8 (turning 9 soon)- And she was ambitious! She wanted to do shaker cards! I love that the littlest of the three girls always goes for the techniques that pack the biggest punch! She also had a great idea about giving the shaker cards to her family members (namely, the dog and maybe Mum) so that they never have to leave the house and she can keep them forever!
And how about the beautiful one in the centre- that was all her. So proud

And last but not least, these were done by Priya (yes, another one, although the spelling is slightly different) who is 12. She did these all by herself with no help at all. Look out people! How about that happy birthday one which used up all the negative spaces left from cutting out the shaker windows from the previous cards?! And the camera card was a collage of different sentiments that she found in my stash all put together to create her own custom sentiment.

And here they are altogether! Can you spy a Christmas tree card done by little Miss 2.5?

What a fun day- and the best part? They packed everything away before they went home. I am so proud to call these girls my nieces. They are super talented and I'd better look out…actually. They'll give me a run for my money very soon!

That's all for today folks!

Preeya xo

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  1. Looks like you all had a blast, their cards are amazing! Maybe they take after their very talented Aunty!