Sunday, 6 April 2014

A cure for the Monday Blues #11

Hi All,
Yes, it has been ages since my last post…but I have been busy with some study, and now that the course is over- i have some breathing space again. So, I am finally taking part in the CFMB challenge again!
Taheerah provided us with this awesome piece of inspiration:

And here is my take on the challenge

Okay, so this card took many journeys to get to where it is now… It's largely made by a lot of masking with washi tape and ink-blended with distress inks (I just got my first set of distress inks this weekend at a craft show- how did I not get into those babies earlier, I do NOT know..But I love them!).

So my biggest inspiration from this pic was the blue wall with the colourful pink and yellow frames, and so thats the look I was going for. I wanted to mask off a grid with washi tape and then fill in the resulting squares with yellows and pinks, and then, I would peel off the washi and do some more masking to fill in the spaces in blue, leaving the centre section white for my sentiment.

Two problems resulted:
a) The washi tape was more sticky than I had imagined, and I wasn't as patient as I hoped, and therefore…well I dunno if you can see it in this pic, but there are layers of paper ripped off in the sections that I masked off with washi…Luckily there are two sides to every piece of cardstock ;)

And so, second time around, I took some of the tack off the washi and tried again. Success! 
Except I realised I didn't think about what sentiment I wanted to go in the space. I had planned for the card to be portrait….but now I had finally deicded that I wanted the sentiment to be this new Stampin Up! 'You make me Happy' number, and it wouldn't fit vertically, so I had to turn the card landscape to make it fit. No biggie…Until I went and smudged everything everywhere

So *then* decided to stamp the sentiment again and mat it on a panel which I stamped with a diagonal detail stamp. And so here is the card again, just incase you're still reading and following the story…

I very rarely know exactly what I want a card to look like before I start making it…but this time I did. Has it turned out exactly the way I had envisioned? Not exactly, but I sure learned a lot from trying this out. And its very bright and cheerful, and I'm sure it will brighten someone's day when the time comes

Hope you likey!


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  1. So glad you didn't let your setbacks dissuade you or change your ultimate idea Preeya! Lots of valuable lessons learned and a totally fun card to show for it! Love the popped up sentiment frame especially! Thanks so much for playing to find a Cure For The Monday Blues!