Saturday, 15 March 2014

Online Card Classes Day 5&6- Backgrounds

Ok, so I know that I totally missed out on day 3&4, but I WILL catch up sometime this weekend. But today, I am here to share with you a plaid background (thank you Laura Bassen for sharing, and also being funny and entertaining in your videos :) that I created using some stamps that I had in my stash. I didn;t do the ink blending technique as I don't have masking tape….So what did I do?…

Well, i have some build-a-background type stamps like this piano one here- here it is right side up…

And I simply flipped it upside down, like this:

...and used the back of it to stamp a solid stripe! I dug through my stash and found I had a few such stamps that could give me a couple different widths of stripe.

And while I was stamping, I thought- well, why don't I stamp this little piano into one of the stripes and make it a little feature on the card? I have tons of musical friends I could send this to, and they'd be super pleased :)

And just above the piano, I added a Happy Birthday sentiment, and then just hand-wrote the 'to you' bit.

I really hope you likey :)



  1. I do like! Using the back of the stamp is so smart. Now I must do the same.... and I love your handwriting

  2. What a clever idea! I love the way your plaid turned out!

  3. Great job with the backs of your stamps, it worked really well! Very nice card!

  4. Great job your stripes look great!

  5. YUMMY colors! I love the addition of piano keys!! Awesome work!

  6. Great idea and a very nice card!