Sunday, 25 August 2013

SAF 2013 Morning Bake and Take Challenge

Hi All,

I have been soooo very busy today with various activities- and have jealously watched on as the rest of the world has participated in SAF this year. But I wanted to get in with my 2c! So here I sit in my craft room in Sydney Aus, where it is 11:30 pm on Sunday August 25...Bloggin while the rest of the family sleeps away the day's activities!

So the morning bake and take task was great! Plenty of ideas to stash away for future inspiration. But here's the pair that I chose. Nichole provided us with a bunch of card sketches and colour combos to use to make a card. Here are the layout and colour combo I used.

And here it is translated into a card.

I am so super happy I decided on this colour combo and sketch as i would NEVER in a million years choose to make a card like this if I had to wing it. And I am so delighted with how it came out!!! Let me know what you think :)

I'm also going to submit it into the gallon: quart: pint challenge which teaches you how to use colour to achieve balance in your projects. So above, you can see that the Grey was my gallon, the green was my quart, and the aqua was my pint.  Too easy!

Hope you likey!


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